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Welcome to Aged Care Victoria!

A Community orientated Victorian Aged Care Facility Directory

We would like to introduce an exciting new concept in aged care facility placement.

Age Care Victoria's Online Directory is a Community Oriented project, focusing on displaying comprehensive information regarding all Aged Care Facilities throughout Victoria.

Unlike other aged care directories Aged Care Victoria aims to include all available aged care facilities in one simple location, through offering low cost hosting and designs.

latest news and events

We are very excited to announce the Official Launch of Aged Care Victoria.

To celebrate we are offering a great deal to all Facilities.
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It has been a long hard year getting the up and running but with the support of friends and family we have created a community based aged care directory aimed to ease the burden for families and facilities alike.

We have made the first page of Google, which is no mean feat, and are regularly getting hundreds of visitors each week.

The traditional marketing plan we are pleased to say is having a positive response, with flyers and notices being posted in many facilities relating to the Aged Care sector.

Many Medical Centres and Health Care Facilities are calling in showing great support & interest.

To everyone who has shown us great support either by joining our growing community of Aged Care Facilites or using our Online Directory, Seventh Sense Designswould like to say a big thank you - as I am sure so is the community in general!

More information for Aged Care Facilities and what Aged Care Victoria can offer can be found here.
The Aged Care Victoria Directory Service offers a comprehensive search facility that allows potential clients to research what aged care facilities are available in their chosen area, what these facilities have to offer their residents and allow them to easily contact them via email services provided by Aged Care Victoria.

Search results lists not only what aged care facilities meet their needs but are linked directly to a two page website on each aged care facility listed on Aged Care Victoria's Directory.

These two page websites, specifically designed to each Aged Care Facilities wishes give detailed information about the aged care facility, what services are offered and any other interesting information related to the particular aged care facility.

This directory will decrease the time that Aged Care Facilities and prospective clients outlay in the selection process.

It will allow aged care facilities to promote themselves in a two page website, where prospective clients can research all of the aged care facilities in their area without all the initial legwork.

The aim of Aged Care Victoria is to allow prospective clients access to necessary information, regarding suitable placements, via our directory.

It will allow potential clients and residents the opportunity to make the initial informed decisions regarding aged care placement without the excessive hours of legwork and heartache. More information on what is included on your two page website and our marketing strategies can be found here. bringing families and Aged Care Facilties together.

Aged Care News & Events:

Every month we will be bringing you informative articles relating to Healthy Ageing, The Aged Care industry and any new developments. Our current article is:
Abbeyfiled House - Supported Residencial Services with a Difference.
If you have an interesting story or article that you wish to share with others, please contact We are always interested in hearing from you.

Aged Care Links & Resources:

If you require more information we have a strong list of resources available for viewing & contacting. Click here for Links & Resources.